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This is a letter of endorsement and affirmation for Ms. Honor Parrish, MBA, LMT, NCTMB. I had the great privilege of meeting Honor on a visit to Jacksonville Beach. I am a practicing emergency medicine physician. This is a physically demanding job, in addition to considerable mental stress. I utilize massage therapy as a modality to enhance my overall health. It is a wonderful therapeutic aid to maintain health and wellness. I highly recommend it to my patients. I have been choosing massage therapy as a part of a healthy lifestyle for over 25 years. I have had massages numbering in the hundreds at various spas, medical clinics, wellness complexes and “world class” resorts. Without exception, Honor Parrish is the best therapist I have been treated by in the last two and one-half decades of my professional career. She is constantly striving to provide customized therapy for each client’s needs. Her training, dedication, passion, and desire to improve her clients’ well being are reflected in her work. She truly has a God given talent and provides an exceptional experience with each client contact. Without reservation, I highly recommend this professional. She truly is exceptional. ~Barry W., D.O., FACEP

Amazing! Best massage ever! Thank you so much! ~Wanda H.

A marvelous deep massage. I left feeling immediate release of tension. Honor has very powerful hands! ~Becci P.

Loved the craniosacral. ~Anne Marie M.

Honor was informative, good massage, worked problem area, good movements and pressure. Thank you! ~Rosemary B.

Very relaxing and professional. ~Jackie N.

Felt relaxing! ~Sarena N.

Relaxed ankle, calves and neck muscles. Honor is one most gifted therapist and a excellent communicator! ~ Roberta S.

Educational, therapeutic, relaxing and cranial sacral treatment. Honor is an exceptional therapist. Thank you very much! ~Tracy S.

Honor was very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent job! ~Katherine G.

Strong hands with good knowing and the quality of the massage. ~Renee E.

Honor has a very intuitive touch-therapeutic and very professional. She has a true gift and passion for massage. ~Dee B.

Honor has gifted hands-keep it up! ~Terri S.

Muscle soothing. Honor was great! ~Darlene R.

You did a good job!~Frank M.

Honor was wonderful and knew the best techniques to make me relax & released tension. ~Cindy S.

Awesome job! ~Dave. A.

Very relaxing! ~Josh G.

Liked the thoroughness and pressure! ~Ashish L.

Honor massage was hands down the best I ever had but I left with more than the physical service. Her healing energy and unquestionable commitment to leaving people better than they were before they arrived is priceless. She has the “IT” factor!
~Candace G.

Honor is excellent! She has excellent hands! ~Reyna H.

Very soothing! ~Brenda P.

Perfect Job! ~Joe G.

Extremely relaxing and awesome! Thank you so much! ~Stephanie T.

Great massage !~Brenda P.

Massage was great! ~Thomas J.

Soothing and therapeutic massage. Great experience! ~Angela G.

Very relaxing! ~Josh G.

If I was uncomfortable, she knew and asked. Honor is strong, confident and will do great! Honor is very proficient. Made suggestions in helping to improve an issue with chronic thumb arthritis. Alicia B. Great massage from the beginning to the end! ~Frances L.

Soothing and therapeutic massage; good pressure.~Gerry V.