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Holistic Massage

Welcome to the website of 7 Dimensions Retreat - a professional, holistic and resourceful wellness company.

ROI for your company:

Reduction of absenteeism, decrease team stressm, increase morale, promote healthy workplace habits, improvement in job satisfaction, create an atmosphere of camaraderie, attract and retain top-quality employees, reinforces company pride, decrease high cost of employee turnover, increase accuracy, stimulate creative thinking abilities, decrease repetitive injuries and decrease workers comp claims.

We invite you to invest in your health and the amazing benefits of therapeutic massage therapy.

In wellness,

Honor Parrish, MBA, LMT, NCTMB, RM

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TRANSFORM your workplace and experience an immediate ROI from your employees. What is the wellness temperature in your organization? Check out these wellness links;

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Stress in the Workplace:

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Common Benefits
We provide professional, relaxing therapeutic massage services in order to provide our clients with a variety of benefits. Some of the more common benefits our clients experience are:
  • reduced pain
  • increase energy
  • reduced stiffness
  • stimulates and boosts immune system
  • promotion of healthy habits
  • reduced muscular fatigue
  • decrease emotional stress
  • increased flexibility
  • increased blood flow
  • reduction in blood pressure
  • enhanced soft tissue healing
  • increased mental clarity
  • reduction in cortisol levels
  • reduces depression
  • reduces soft issue knots and trigger points

Nutritional Healing
Ready to experience optimal health and live a productive lifestyle? Visit http://wellness4all.juiceplus.com and http://behealthy.transform30.com.

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